Skiing Through Finland (HHS) 2019 Pre-registration

HHS 2019 pre-registration has started. Pre-registration is done by filling in the pre-registration form. You can find the form at the from bottom of this page.

A skier’s participation is reserved in the order of registration. We can take up to 30 skiers for each start. Extra skiers will be put in a queue. Due to cancellations, it is very common for  skiers in the queue to ski HHS.

We will inform you in May 2018  as to how to confirm your pre-registration. At that time we will publish the final cost for HHS 2019. Participation will be confirmed by paying the first payment (non-refundable).

Each start has a minimum participation count which will be determined in May 2018. Final HHS start logistics will be decided about six months prior to March 2019 once skier interest has been gauged.

We will arrange the following starts:

  • Virolahti – Arctic Ocean 3.3.-4.4.2019, 1800km/33 skiing days
    • There is also possibility to ski part of the journey
  • Ilomantsi – Kuusamo, 5.3.-16.3.2019, 650km/12 skiing days (new start)
  • Kuusamo – Arctic Ocean, 17.3.-29.3.2019, 720km/13 skiing days
  • There is also possibility to ski a customized trip (Contact us for more information)

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