About us

Sulkava Skiing and Rowing Tours Ltd was founded in 2002 for the purpose of organizing HHS.Company instigators and owners are as follows:

  • Paavo Immonen, whose solo trip from Virolahti to Nuorgam gave the idea for HHS
  • Reino Eerikäinen, owner of the Sulkavan vene Oy
  • Jussi Immonen, technical responsibility

The company has since been turned into a family operation. Jussi and Paavo have continued the tradition of HHS.

The company also organizes small scale church boat trips and guide services on Lake Saimaa.

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Route planning, accommodations and other general arrangements

Paavo Immonen
Lohilahdentie 1822
58620 Lohilahti

Technical issues, information and billing

Jussi Immonen
Storgårdintie 9
02970 Espoo
+358(0)40-574 6519